iVendix: Direct B2B
Wholesale E-commerce
Fully GDPR Compliant

iVendix is an enterprise-level direct B2B wholesale e-commerce platform. We offer a branded, wholesale purchasing experience that connects sales reps, agents, key account managers, and retailers.

Why Choose Us?

Global Reach:

Faster rollout in international markets with trained users in 127 countries.

Greater Flexibility:

We model your business practices so you can market and sell anywhere, anytime with a fully branded, direct, B2B wholesale platform.

Cost Savings:

Streamline order entry, minimize manual data entry errors, easily access inventory, order status and shipping information to reduce customer support calls, craft digital catalogs to reduce or eliminate printing costs. Create new efficiencies for your brand.

Market Speed:

Benefit from directed sales planning, digital merchandising and enhanced sales presentations that boost revenue through strategic sales.

Partnering with Brands

The value of direct wholesale B2B is measured in top-line growth, customer satisfaction, and loyalty, outwitting the competition, and enhancing profitability. Join the thousands of sales and marketing professionals and retailers who are benefiting from digital merchandising, electronic ordering, promotional programs and product information management with iVendix.


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Our Values

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We hope to instill the values of conservation and a love for the great outdoors in the next generation. We are a proud partner of Yellowstone Forever and Colorado Outward Bound School.

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