Choosing a Wholesale B2B E-Commerce System?

Adopting a Wholesale B2B E-Commerce System?

Questions to protect your revenue stream

Are you considering a wholesale B2B e-commerce system? Have you come to the sunset of your existing order management system (OMS) or marketing presentation application? Are you ready to get out of the software development and support business, and focus on being a brand? Well, you are not alone. According to industry research, most organizations are still in the earliest stages of building their wholesale e-commerce operations. That’s why we’ve created this overview of the questions you should ask your vendor and your colleagues about data handling. There are a surprising number of ‘whales’ that can be uncovered by just exploring your existing data structures and your future needs. Uncovering this information now, while you are still selecting your vendor, will help ensure that you select the appropriate level of integration, functionality, and data handling that you need for your operation. There is a difference in order management software and this is where the rubber meets the road. To begin this exploration you should identify the following:

You’re a good fit for CenterStone’s Products if you see your company here:

  • Are you an apparel Supplier?
  • Are you a footwear Supplier?
  • Are you an accessories Supplier?
  • Do you desire to have a fully automated system?
  • Do you sell to boutiques, specialty retailers, and mass merchants? Do you want to grow one of these channels, significantly?
  • Are boutiques and independent specialty retailers part of your growth strategy?
  • Do you have more than two seasons?
  • Does the system you are looking for support pre-season, re-order/asap/at-once, closeout?
  • Are your catalogs more than 100K of SKU’s? The bigger, the better, for CenterStone.
  • Do you sell items that come in different/multiple sizes and colors and what about a third dimension like inseam, shoe width or lingerie sizing.
  • Do you have a large number of product images?
  • Do you have multiple or unique pricing schedules?
  • Do you have complex dating and sales programs?
  • Do you have pricing schedules for individual clients or groups of clients?
  • Are you able to send updates for orders, status, updates? Or are you OK with re-keying this information yourself?
  • Do you have an International component to your business that you’d like help with?
  • Do you want to expand globally, and want support in those languages and those currencies?

If you’d like to download the 4 organizational questions you need to ask to protect your revenue stream… you can do so here.

Bonus Questions for Vendor Selection

Have the vendor describe their disaster recovery plans (database corruption, server failure, communications failure, file transfer failure, total site failure). Are those plans acceptable to you?

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