96% of the Top Running Stores in the US Share One Thing in Common

Recently, Competitor Running released its list of the 50 top running stores in the US.  This got us thinking, what are the top running stores doing differently that other retailers can learn from?

We all know that the retail industry has experienced significant turbulence over the last decade.  The rise of e-commerce has changed the name of the game for consumers who are increasingly purchasing products site-unseen online. But many specialty retailers are not only surviving, they are thriving. Let’s take a look at the characteristics and tools that these retailers are applying to win.


  • These stores prioritize experience. These stores know the best way to for customers to buy your next pair of running shoes is to walk into a local specialty shop and spend time trying on shoes with a knowledgeable employee.


  • They keep runners from getting hurt. These stores know that finding a pair of running shoes that work for their customer—the foot size and shape, gait, and the running they do – is of critical importance. Going through a thorough and educated try-on process can save  some pain down the road and build a customer for life.


  • They know the price isn’t everything. These stores cater to customers looking for a solution for their achy feet, an athlete looking to set a new personal record, someone just starting on their running journey, and everyone in between.


  • They are involved in their running communities. These stores support local runners, but they also support local schools, races, and training programs.


Did that last one catch you by surprise?

Yes, of the 50 best running stores in the nation,[1]80%  96% percent of them use CenterStone’s iVendix. iVendix sees billions of dollars in wholesale transactions every year, yet iVendix is nimble enough to handle orders for a single product. Perfect for the trail runner with wide size eleven feet and pronation tendencies. Read more. 


Fleet Feet Sports


Sole Sports
Tempe, Ariz.

Tortoise & Hare
Glendale, Ariz.


Rush Running
Bentonville, Ark.


A Snail’s Pace
Brea, Calif.

Fleet Feet Sports
Aptos, Calif.

Fleet Feet Sports
Sacramento, Calif.


Fleet Feet Sports
West Hartford, Conn.


1st Place Sports
Jacksonville, Fla.

Runner’s Depot
Davie, Fla.

Running Wild
Pensacola, Fla.

Track Shack
Orlando, Fla.


Game Changers
Richmond Hill, Ga.

West Stride


Dick Pond Athletics
St. Charles, Ill.

Fleet Feet Sports

Geneva Running Outfitters
Geneva, Ill.

Running Central
Peoria, Ill.


Fleet Feet Sports
Fort Wayne, Ind.

Three Rivers Running
Fort Wayne, Ind.


Manhattan Running Co.


Varsity Sports
Baton Rouge, La.


Fleet Feet Sports
Portland, Maine


Fleet Feet Sports
Baltimore, Md.

Charm City Run
Belair, Md.


Charles River Running
Norwood, Mass.

New England Running Co.
Beverly, Mass.

Methuen, Mass.


Ann Arbor Running Co. 
Ann Arbor, Mich.

Complete Runner
Flint, Mich.

Hanson’s Running Shop
Grosse Pointe, Mich.


Big River Running Co.
St. Louis, Mo.

Run 816
Liberty, Mo.

The Running Well Store
Lee’s Summit, Mo.


Lincoln Running Co.
Lincoln, Neb.

New Hampshire

Runners Alley
Portsmouth, N.H.

New York

Fleet Feet Sports
Syracuse, N.Y.

Medved Running and Walking Outfitters
Rochester, N.Y.

North Carolina

Bull City Running
Durham, N.C.

Charlotte Running Co.

Run For Your Life


Columbus Running Co.
Dublin, Ohio

Dave’s Running
Sylvania, Ohio

Second Sole
Akron, Ohio

Up & Running
Dayton, Ohio


Red Coyote Running & Fitness
Oklahoma City


A Running Start
West Reading, Pa.


Fleet Feet Sports
Brentwood, Tenn.


iRun Texas
San Antonio, Texas

Luke’s Locker
Dallas, Texas


Runner’s Corner
Orem, Utah


Fleet Feet Sports
Roanoke, Va.

Potomac River Running
Burke, Va.

West Virginia

Two Rivers Treads
Shepherdstown, W.V.


Performance Running Outfitters
Brookfield, Wis.

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