98% of Top Running Stores Still Use iVendix!

In August of 2017 we analyzed our 2016 and 2017 buyer usage data. We looked at each iVendix brand, their number of buyers, the number of new buyers per brand, and their year over year growth rate and then segmented by a particular buyer vertical — Running stores…because, hey running is cool.

We learned several interesting facts from this analysis, but our favorite insight was that for 2017, 96% of the top running stores used iVendix.(Top running stores = based on Competitor Running determination).

We revisited the study this year and are excited to say that year over year in 2018, 98% of the top running stores use iVendix.

With this excitement in mind, let’s take a look at what makes these stores so interesting.

We all know that the retail industry has experienced significant turbulence over the last decade. The rise of e-commerce has changed the name of the game for consumers who are increasingly showrooming or purchasing products sight-unseen online. But many specialty retailers are not only surviving, they are thriving. What are the top running stores doing differently that other retailers can learn from?

  • These stores prioritize experience. These stores know the best way to for customers to buy your next pair of running shoes is to walk into a local specialty shop and spend time trying on shoes with a knowledgeable employee.


  • They keep runners from getting hurt. These stores know that finding a pair of running shoes that work for their customer—the foot size and shape, gait, and the running they do – is critically important. Going through a thorough and educated try-on process can prevent pain down the road and build a customer for life.


  • They know that price isn’t everything. These stores cater to customers looking for a solution for their achy feet, an athlete looking to set a new personal record, someone just starting on their running journey, and everyone in between.


  • They are involved in their running communities. These stores support local runners, but they also support local schools, races, and training programs.


  • They use iVendix wholesale B2B platform. 98% of the best running stores in the U.S. use CenterStone’s iVendix B2B e-commerce platform. iVendix is set to clear over $22 billion dollars in wholesale transactions this year, yet is nimble enough to handle orders for a single product.


Schedule a demo; we’d be happy to show you how iVendix can work for your specialty footwear business!

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