A BIG move to standardize B2B


Have you heard the big news? PlumRiver Technologies has signed an agreement to acquire CenterStone Technologies as part of a strategic move to create a standardized B2B ecommerce interface between manufacturers and retailers.

The deal will bring together the industry’s most experienced technology providers behind PlumRiver’s Elastic Suite digital merchandising platform, which is quickly becoming the preferred wholesale procurement solution among retailers.

Retailers want to simplify and are asking manufacturers for a more standardized B2B merchandising and eCommerce platform across the board.  In response to this trend, we are pleased to announce that CenterStone Technologies is now joining with PlumRiver Technologies to offer you a more capable and uniform wholesale procurement solution for your retail partners through PlumRiver’s Elastic B2B digital merchandising and ecommerce platform.

PlumRiver is committed to providing you the continual innovation that has made Elastic the best-in-class B2B solution in today’s market with client support backed by the industry’s most experienced, creative and capable technology team.

Please read the full press release to learn more. As always, your CenterStone account representatives will be available to you for more assistance and information, as well as the entire Plum River and Elastic team.

See the press release here: https://elasticsuite.com/news/show/plumriver-to-acquire-centerstone-in-move-to-standardize-b2b

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