A Wholesale B2B Milestone

This year, the iVendix B2B platform will cross $20 Billion in wholesale transactions processed. With this colossal milestone on the horizon, we’re pleased to look back on our history, celebrate the people that made all this possible (our hardworking team,  loyal clients, and dedicated users), and focus our efforts on the future.

When CenterStone entered the market in 2000, it was a time of dot-coms and dial-up modems. We were ski and snowboard enthusiasts developing The Buyers Page in an office in a basement so that we could hang out with our friends at the Snow Show.

With those friends, we got some traction, big time traction, because we understood both sides of the equation as prior brand reps and retail store buyers. And we began to grow. We acquired the assets of Indra and the European company Pulp Sports, with its office in Paris, and we grew to become the wholesale B2B e-commerce platform that so many brands rely on.

As we enter 2018 with a clear vision of our mission, and a focus on expansion into new branded verticals, we are refreshing our corporate marketing website.

We hope you’ll take some time to review our new website, perhaps you’ll learn something new about who we are. If you’re a recent addition to CenterStone family or if you’re interested in hearing more about our family of products, please reach out to our client services team at clientservices@centerstonetech.com.

We’re excited to process the next $20 billion of wholesale e-Commerce transactions. Thank you for trusting us with the lifeblood of your business!

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