A Word About Consolidation.

Consolidation. Sometimes it can feel like an ominous cloud, but what is it really? We prefer to view consolidation in the framework of streamlining a brands’ wholesale channel. When it comes to your wholesale business, do you want a vast array of tools spread out from A-Z, or is having a localized central solution preferable?

CenterStone Technologies’ iVendix aims to do just that. We want to centralize your wholesale e-commerce business practices with a singular B2B software solution. Our platform offers brands the ability to connect with a user base 45,000 people strong, manage their data efficiently, and broaden their sales efforts.

It all starts with our core product. iVendix, a mainstay in the e-commerce world, CenterStone has put 17 years of love and lines of code into our product. A constant in the software world, we pride ourselves on offering an enterprise level product for today’s brands to manage their wholesale B2B better. We offer a breadth of integration options, onboarding practices, and an active dealer population.

Beyond iVendix, we offer multiple modules to serve your brand better. iV Guide allows your brand to leverage existing assets and visually present and summarize selected products in an assortment, fixture, or digital catalog format. iV Mobile is our mobile solution, giving you the option to take iVendix outside your office walls. We’re also proud to announce that we have just recently developed a Pro and Employee discount program – the first of its kind with zero transaction fees. If there is a feature we don’t offer but you desperately want, don’t worry, our bread and butter is customizations, and we’re happy to develop with you.

With all these benefits, we hope you’ll take a leap and see what we can do for you.