iV Guide

Transactions are at the core of your business. But frankly, that’s the easy part. Almost any Joe with a computer can create something that can take an order, or at least look like it. CenterStone has been innovating B2B e-commerce for years, and we’re doing it again with iV GUIDE. The merchandising, selling, planning, assortment app that also writes orders. Seamlessly. Intuitively. Quickly.

Decision-Based Design.

Eventually, the buyer has to come to a decision and then transact that decision, somehow. Business 3.0 is about helping, guiding, encouraging and speeding up those decisions that lead to the transaction. We do business the way your customer do, just faster and simply.

Collection Selling.

“Collections” are just a group of products, however you define them. Collection selling allows your reps to sell by color story, use, fabric, and season with visually compelling artwork that fights decision paralysis. Selling item by item, is slow, boring to the buyer and doesn’t achieve your goals. Collection selling is the future of selling, here & now.

User-Defined Linesheets.

iVGuide doesn’t just create one linesheet, our users have over 15 options to choose from. You can also choose what details you want to display on the linesheet creating the fastest and most powerful and professional output tools in the industry.

Auto Size Runs.

Sometimes a buyers will say that you’re sell-through wasn’t optimal, and you know the order was sized incorrectly. Auto size runs set a new standard of efficiency. It sets a new standard of efficiency helping reps and buyers create better orders, faster. With 64 items on an order, for example, averaging 6 sizes per item, there are 384 purchase decisions. Ordering with iVGuide is faster to the sixth degee.


Growing your line doesn’t always grow your business, at least not the way you might hope or expect it to. In a world of more, better, faster – simple wins. The merchandising features in iVGuide allow users to see, to play with ideas, to create beautiful, well-merchandised buys. Transaction, smaction. Upgrade your tools, upgrade your sell-through and upgrade your brand’s success.

Fixture Selling.

Just add quantities to a collection and voila, you have fixture sets. These sets can range from end-caps, to 4-ways, to glove or sandal racks, to fully merchandised walls. Gone are the static Excel doc and accompanying PDF. With two, clicks add 144 pieces, correctly sized and merchandised to an order. The sky’s the limit on this one.

Mutli-Path Ordering.

We work the way you work. We incorporate multiple ways of navigating through the ordering process, all-the-while respecting the “gotta haves” to get to the order finalization. iVendix remembers your preferences and how you choose to navigate. This reduces training, increases adoption, and gets your orders completed sooner.

Presentation Software.

All of our features add up to presentation-ready software. iVGuide was built to use during live-line presentations, capturing a buyer’s ‘circles’ in their workbook, and making them actionable. Drop and drag is even too slow. We’ve been there, done that. We’ve talked with reps and relied on our experienced staff to create the easiest to use and most powerful B2B software in the industry. That’s what innovative, industry leaders do.

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