iV Mobile

We’re taking it to the streets…and airplanes, and trade shows, and… iV MOBILE lets you work where you really work. Completely and seamlessly integrated with iVendix and iV MOBILE gives you the power and performance of visual ordering with assortment selling combined with the iPad ease of use allowing your reps to send visual line assortments right from their iPad. Talk about simplifying decisions!

Brand Story.

Your iPad app starts out with your Brand Story. Your look, your feel, your messaging. Front and center. There are lots of capabilities here, so we’ll work with you to provide options that make sense and accomplish the happy medium between sales, marketing and IT and how that impacts file size, speed and usability. Your app, your brand. Nothing is branded CenterStone, except the ease of use and familiar we provide to your customers.

Offline Use.

Cloud use is great, but what if you’re at a trade show where the internet is sluggish, at best? We get it. Been there, tried that. iVGuide uses the occasionally connected model where product, images and inventory are downloaded and live on your iPad. This allows you to work in the belly of a shopping mall, on an airplane, or at a trade show. It will connect when it can and keep you up-to-date.

Web Services.

Connectivity alone in iVMobile is a selling point. Using the latest and fastest connection on the market, web services, your iPad connects to our servers to serve up the latest, most accurate product and inventory information. You don’t need to implement another solution, with another vendor. It’s all in one place and one feed to CenterStone. There’s just nothing simpler.

Seamlessly Familiar.

iVMobile mirrors a traditional buying experience. Our native application for iOS knows how you work. It puts circles around the items you like. It flows well and is intuitively designed from button location to pop-up keyboards to be used standing up walking around a showroom. Your reps and buyers will know to use it.

Presentation Capable.

Wouldn’t it be great to build customer presentations and catalogs to share with your buyers electronically? An expensive catalog is just that, an expensive catalog, there is no ability to change or sort it. With iVMobile you can build, present, and order all in a single application.

See it in Action.