iVendix is our core product and what all of our clients use. It provides a solid base to add your specific customizations to. Our SaaS (Software as a Service) model ensures that you are using the latest technology and keeps your costs to a minimum.


With over 15 years of experience in B2B, what may be custom from other companies, may be standard with CenterStone. Many of our clients do create specific features that enhance the power of their app. With one of the largest development teams in the industry, we’ve got the horsepower to get your job done.


We have many options available to display your inventory. Our rock solid infrastructure creates the trust that your reps and retailers need for immediate Available To Sell (ATS) and future availability with Available To Promise (ATP).

Electronic Data Interchange.

When you deal with as many large clients as we do you become experts in all phases of business. Your operations team will love the way we enable you to do EDI business with ALL of your specialty retailers. Really! We do it everyday!


Tech is cool, but it doesn’t mean much if people don’t know how to use it. User adoption (reps and retailers) is a core principle at CenterStone. From webinars to live trainings we do everything we can to get your folks comfortable with your platform. It does come in handy that many users, some of which are your retail customers too, are already familiar with iVendix through other CenterStone customers.


It’s not just a bunch of numbers, our clients report that 30%+ of their logins and orders happen outside of customer service hours. If you’re not doing business with us, your company is like a bank without ATM’s or mobile apps. We can help you become customer-centric.


We’ve been doing business in the Cloud since before there were clouds. Well, almost. Cloud connectivity has many benefits when working with dynamic product and inventories. We keep your product data and images up to date and your orders flowing securely. Every click and tap is stored and saved, and saved again.


It’s been the heart of our business for many years. Your files, images and brand messaging are critical to us too. There is an art and science to what we do. If you want a simple Excel implementation, we can do that; but if you have complex channel distribution, pricing, terms, and worldwide brand, that’s where we really shine. Check out the Integrations tab for more info.


We do business; comercio, entreprise, virksomhet, affari, geschäft, in six languages and 20+ currencies around the world. We have fully staffed offices in North America and Europe to help you implement, train and support your business.


Sure we’ve got super smart programmers but we also have industry experts and ex-reps and ex-buyers on staff to ensure our software is relevant to B2B buying. We are B2B experts! We get it! We’ve personally written orders. Lots of them! We’re also able to incorporate your best practices to create a great user experience.

Give it a Go.