Pro Programs

Pro or retail employee programs have changed over the years. Third party, transaction based providers now dominate the market. In theory transaction based is a good idea, you get what you pay for. But it means the provider is motivated to extend your discount program to anyone so they can make more money, compromising your program integrity. Brand Ambassadors are important to your success but so is margin, retailer relationships and Brand Integrity. All things CenterStone believes you should have control over.

Flat Fee.

Our flat fee model can save you lots of money! We’ve got tools that can show you when it makes sense and cents, to make the switch. You handle the credit card fees, we handle the rest for a low, budget-able monthly fee. Now that’s an easy decision!


Your reps and retailers determine who gets access providing control of your program where you need it. They also can setup shipment to the retailers store or home address based on the retailer’s policy. Order approval can also be setup to ensure the program is not abused. Control and ease of use are cornerstones of CenterStone’s PRO program.



With PRO programs your discounts and program access is extended only to those who your reps and retailers authorize it to go to, bringing back integrity to Brand Ambassador program. Why would you let someone else handle this?


Our new PRO program is fully integrated into our CenterStone suite of solutions so you don’t have yet another digital integration. One system, one integration. And if you do EDI business, pro/employee orders can be sent to you as an EDI 850. There’s nothing more simple than that!