Centerstone Technologies Unveils Visual Guided Merchandising Product

CenterStone Technologies, Inc., the international developer of Web-based B2B wholesale e-commerce software, introduced a new online visual merchandising platform, with new capabilities for branded suppliers, their sales reps, and retail buyers. Through this visual merchandising platform known as Guide, sales reps and their supplier communities can now easily create merchandised linesheets, assortments or collections either during the order planning process or upon submitting completed orders. The result is an entirely new and visual way to increase wholesale ecommerce sales penetration by making dynamic, visual collections and merchandised views available to apparel, footwear and accessories buyers and sales reps.

The benefits of Guide to the iVendix Supplier are magnificent. Suppliers and buyers have been clamoring for a method to digitally tell their brand story and share collections and fixtures in a dynamic and electronic format that is consistent with their current manual and paper process, says Dave Mathias, vice president of sales and marketing. With Guide, Suppliers can be assured of continual engagement with their brand, through a powerful, yet simple to use platform. This visual engagement assures our clients that CenterStone’s technology can be used throughout the entire sales process.

With Guide, Suppliers and sales reps can easily:
Plan: Design and share Guided assortment plans that mimic the way buyers buy.
Create: Merchandisers can create and share collections within the platform, allowing users to browse and shop by these pre-assorted product groupings
Customize: sales reps can personalize and deliver relevant, visual merchandise recommendations to their retail buyers-as well as create custom digital catalogs
Visualize: Suppliers can load their digital catalog page information and users can browse their digital catalog or search for product by catalog page number
Optimize: Reps can utilize advanced functionality, like Automated Size Runs and Color Story filters to Guide buyers to an optimal order that will result in optimal sell-through.

The product was developed at the direction of industry forerunner, Gary Avischious, who has worked in the industry, and for several B2B software companies in his 30-year career. Avischious comments, “It has been my observation that there are many merchandising tools out there that get purchased, but then not used very much. My goal with this product was to create highly relevant software that was fast and would actually be used by reps and buyers – all the while leveraging existing integrations that our clients have in place. Our early Guide adopters are already responding that it is unmatched in the industry.”

For more information on the Professional Grade B2B solutions available from CenterStone Technologies, or for a demo of iVendix and Guide, call CenterStone at (303) 763-7325 or contact Dave Mathias, VP Sales & Marketing.

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