Colorado Trail: Updates from the Trail

Last week, our colleague Elaine Mahoney, employee number two at CenterStone Tech began her solo trek of the almost 500 mile Colorado Trail. We’ve received numerous requests to clarify what we mean by solo given some of the conditions we’ve shared. And to be fair, Elaine is not really on the trail solo. Here’s here latest text from the trail that will help explain.

“Rain delay in ⛺. Realize I’m a shadow of my former hiking self😬. Monday night camp with this beautiful young buck as a breakfast companion.  Crawled down a hill for a 👀 at fungi. I think they might be an edible variety but…   Best seat in the house for a rest in a magnificent old growth aspen grove. Made it to Kenosha Pass today at 5:30 and decided to take a zero day tomorrow. Need to make some pack adjustments and Jerry suggested I take a shower, really?   Oh and the cows at Johnson gulch came right down to me – I only mooed once for heaven sake.”

Other than the above mentioned life forms, Elaine is making her journey solo. Certainly there are other intrepid travelers along the way as her earlier posting recalled. But, by and by, she’s on her own.

If you’re imagining yourself on this trail, here are some stats to consider from the Colorado Trail End to End Guide

“Want to know the major details about The Colorado Trail?.  Here are the particulars in a nutshell:
  • The official length of trail is 485 miles
  • Northeastern terminus just outside of Denver in Waterton Canyon State Park
  • Southwestern terminus just outside of Durango, CO
  • Highest official point is 13240 ft
  • Lowest point is 5520 ft
  • According to the latest figures, The Colorado Trail averages 10347′ throughout its length!
  • The CDT and The Colorado Trail share the same treadway for 234  miles; over 300 if you take the Collegiate West option.
  • It takes most hikers 4-6 weeks to hike the trail.
  • Five weeks are a very average pace.
  • Well marked and easy to follow (by Western trail standards)
  • Horses and mountain bikers (in non-wilderness areas) are also allowed in addition to hikers”

Happy hiking!

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