Spam Soup: Soloing the Colorado Trail

At 7:28 this morning, our colleague Elaine Mahoney crossed over the Continental Divide. I know this because she wrote her update text to us from her camping spot at 11, 300 feet last night, which was not high enough for cellular transmission of the text. As soon as she crossed the Continental Divide, the signal connected and her bits and bytes of electronic candy made its way to my phone, detailing her hike and meals — including what must be the most durable food on the planet — Spam.  As a friend to many hikers and travelers, I have heard Spam stories that bring happiness in ways you couldn’t imagine. A friend who regularly travels and works in Papua New Guinea loves to share his photos of his Spam and Cheese sandwiches. I’ve seen the cans proudly displayed in far-flung islands of the South Pacific and of course, Hawaii. But, it must taste amazing at the brink of the Continental Divide!

The Continental Divide effectively splits our continent separating the river systems to flow to the west and east coast.  It’s always been a fun day to drive up into the mountains of Colorado and watch the water flow down into Denver and as you cross the divide, then watch it flow the other direction one your cross over. Of course, on the Colorado Trail, you can actually walk part of the Continental Divide trail as well, which hikers consider one of the three great North American hikes, along with the Pacific Crest Trail and the Appalachian Trail.

Here is Elaine’s account of her hike to Georgia Pass at at 11,590 ft; her shout out to our Ops Engineer, Dave Bremer, and the experiences she had along the way.

“Hello CenterStone/family and all. Completed a few pack adjustments and resupplied my food for the trek over historic Georgia Pass then down into  Breckenridge. About 32.7 miles they say. Returned to the trail this am as you were all enjoying your cup of joe/tea and whatever Bremer calls that stuff he drinks.  Could not have been a more perfect morning (realizing the Denver temps were to be HOT). The multi mile aspen grove was heaven sent sporting a variety of wildflowers. Then it was time to climb out of such lovelyness. The climb was not as bad as I thought it might be. A generous gentleman decided I needed the remainder of his fresh 🍒 and I enjoyed them at each of the creek crossings. First was Guernsey then Deadman then Jefferson creek. Deadman creek had a old frying pan near by that must have belonged to the dead guy. It was old!  That was the most water I had access to since the end of day one at Platte  Canyon TH. I’m camped at 11,300ft tonight under fair weather skies. I don’t have cell service right here so you won’t get this until the top of the Continental Divide – hoping for service – tomorrow am. My potato soup with Spam (no comments please) was delicious and hit the spot. I’ll rest well tonight. Good night 💤”


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