Earth Brand Shoes Chooses CenterStone’s iVendix Order Management Software (OMS)

Earth Brand Shoes Chooses CenterStone’s iVendix Order Management Platform (OMS) to support its retail community and increase brand engagement


 Fashion-Forward wellness shoe brand, Earth Shoes, turns to CenterStone for its Sales Order Management Software (OMS) Solutions.

Denver, CO. and Waltham, MA. May 27, 2016 – CenterStone Technologies, provider of the leading B2B wholesale e-commerce platform for consumer brands in the footwear and apparel industries, today announced that Earth Shoes has launched the iVendix platform to support its Order Management initiatives. Over 45,000 dealers and retailers use iVendix worldwide for order management, merchandising, and assortment planning, conducting over $6 million dollars in transactions daily. Earth Inc, makers of women’s comfortable and fashionable shoes, boots, sandals and casual styles, chose the CenterStone platforms to support their reps’ ability to create and deliver digital catalogs, suggest merchandised and directed assortments and to lower their overall order capture costs.

Earth’s VP of Finance; Operations, Bill Brochu, said, “We selected CenterStone because our goal was to maintain the unique ways each one of our Territory Managers work with their accounts, while also reducing the order cycle time and improving our purchasing decisions. Our Retailer’s time is limited, and the iVendix platform by CenterStone allows us to merchandise and personalize our product lines before our team even reaches the store, saving our Retailers and Buyers valuable time. With instant feedback, via orders flowing directly into our ERP in real time, we are now able to make even better product purchasing decisions. With that level of personalization required, we knew we needed to have powerful collaborative tools that allow us to focus on what is important for our Brands and Retailers and the iVendix and Guide platform do just that.

CenterStone is transforming the way brands do business with their dealers and reps through powerful and intuitive solutions that empower sales and marketing teams to work together to increase brand penetration and revenue growth. Said Rich Guess, CenterStone’s Director of Technology, “We recognize that B2B buyers demand highly personalized experiences and that brands want to transform their wholesale shopping experience, catalog outreach, and use their guided selling interactions to reflect this new reality. We’re excited to be working with Earth Shoe Brands because they recognize and value that commitment.”

About Earth Shoes
At Earth Shoes, we care about our home, our planet and we believe that following a path to wellness includes making our Earth a healthier place for us all. We take pride in being health conscious and make an effort to take care of our planet, our employees and our consumers! During the manufacturing process, we use only water-based adhesives in our footwear, which is far less toxic to the air and people who work in footwear manufacturing, than traditional solvent and oil-based alternatives. All our leather products are tanned using a vegetable-tanning process. Unlike other tanning processes, vegetable-tanning does not contain harmful chemicals. The company is headquartered in Waltham, MA.

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