Experiential Travel Trends

A new trend is emerging in experiential travel and its effect is being felt on the outdoor industry. Airbnb, the Climb, Yellowstone Forever Institute, and many others are offering bucket list activities paired with bucket list locations for travelers that are hungry for experiences that exceed expectation.

Our interest in experiential travel started long ago, when CenterStone was first formed by a group of ski and snowboard aficionados who wanted to create software for the industry that they loved. Traveling to the locations they’d only dreamed of to meet their aspirational brands, ensured that they’d be able to pair business with experiential travel.  As we’ve grown, our aspirational brands have grown too, so that now we’re traveling to Paris, Germany, NYC, LA and Texas to to pair business with experiential travel.

Because we are consumers too, we share trending insights with our clients to help their wholesale sales experience match data patterns. We’re seeing growth and pre-season interest in all types of outerwear, camping, hiking, packs, and in outdoor specialty footwear. This uptick matches what industry insiders such as MediaPost’s “Marketing Daily Sarah Mahoney and the NPD Group are seeing.

Elaine Mahoney our colleague who is currently solo hiking the Colorado Trail, not related to Sarah, could be considered a non-traditional experiential traveler. (See previous posts to learn why) And this is where the strongest growth is being seen. Millennials, non-white millennials, Hispanic and African Americans are now “represented at rates nearly equal to those seen in the general population.” Groups such as Outdoor Afro , Sierra Seniors and others are motivating forces to heed the call of adventure, gain new insights and guide members to a different path.

How is your journey?


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