How Does Real-Time ATP Streamline Your Order Process?

Available to promise (ATP) is an aspect of lean manufacturing that empowers brands to quote available quantities and delivery dates by leveraging inventory data. When your buyers have access to the most accurate product, quantity and shipping information available, they can make purchasing decisions that work seamlessly, instead of ordering things that aren’t available in quantities that don’t exist.

Real-time ATP creates order efficiency by providing a comprehensive view of all your inventory information. When buyers can make sure the right inventory is available and ensure accurate quantities ahead of ordering, they reducing the order cycle time as well as the effort involved to make things right after the fact.

Brands that are focusing their efforts on making their wholesale B2B ordering process easier and more personalized are increasing their order size and volume annually with iVendix by CenterStone. One of the many reasons for this increase is that iVendix allows buyers real time ATP to check inventory and shipping dates. It’s the way they like to order. And it’s just one of the many user-driven features of iVendix.

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