How does Working Across Multiple Shipments Help Your Retail Business?

Despite widespread reports of retail consolidation, brands that are focusing their efforts on making their wholesale B2B ordering process easier and more personalized are increasing their order size and volume annually with iVendix by CenterStone. One of the many reasons for this increase is that iVendix allows retailers to create their orders across multiple shipments at one time. This experience allows reps and dealers to start one order and work on up to six shipments at one time. Shipments can be either additional locations within an account, or additional ship dates, and/or a combination of both, giving the user great latitude and speed to get work done. In fact, across all clients, our reports show that as many as 30% of all orders (pre-season and re-orders included) start out as multiple shipment orders.

With iVendix, your dealers can use the multiple shipment feature anytime they need plan out their shipments across a period of time. For example, if your customer wants to place a standing order to have items delivered on the first of every month for the next six months, they can set up the standing order by creating six different ship dates, over the next six months, for each delivery with our simple copy feature that brings all the product information and data to the next order page.  Specific items can then be adjusted and Individual quantities can be altered per shipment.  Or,  your customer has multiple locations and can quickly make an order for all of them at one time. Each shipment you create will become its own individual order on submission which can later be tracked through the Order Status dashboard. Other systems may provide you with the ability to create multiple shipments, but then require you to (start from scratch?) build that new page just like you did the first.

One other unique benefit of iVendix multiple shipments is that you can specify the first ship date that a product can be requested and notify the user while they are working.  This way your customer is aware and can plan accordingly.

Being able to create and work on orders across multiple ship dates and multiple ship locations allows the buyers to efficiently create and manage their planned buy for the season.  It’s the way they like to order. And it’s just one of the many user-driven features of iVendix.

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