How to Use iVendix B2B to Gear Up for a Trade Show

We know that getting prepared for a tradeshow is an arduous task. It’s a big ask to put your brand’s identity in a small space on the tradeshow floor. Fortunately, implementing a wholesale B2B can significantly increase your team’s efficiency.

iVendix enables brands to share their collections without having to wait for the next appointment or tradeshow. You can see and work on up to six shipments at one time – reducing the number of steps it takes to create orders across multiple ship dates or locations. All these tools enable brands to maximize their sell-through by planning to have just the right items available to sell at precisely the right time.

Beyond the expo, your brand can improve order accuracy and increase order sizes over time with iVendix. Our SaaS offering gives brands an instant connection to their dealers and integrates with leading business applications and ERPs for dynamic results. Our reorder function lets retailers fill gaps in their inventory; this means that brands using iVendix see more orders, larger orders, reduced printing costs, and optimized revenue. We want you to get the most of out of your B2B; discovering helpful features and useful tools that streamline workflows and increase ROI.  Additionally, If International growth is a goal for your brand, iVendix support six languages, multiple currencies, unique pricing schedules, and complex sales programs.  We have a local office in Paris to answer questions and offer support. We prioritize features that give our product added value for the brands that depend on us.

If you’re dreading the next trade show where your brand is slated to exhibit, request a demo and see how iVendix B2B can streamline the experience.

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