iVendix Infrastructure, Monitoring and Delivery Upgrades

iVendix Infrastructure, Monitoring and Delivery Upgrades for September 2016


CenterStone is excited to announce that we are implementing an enterprise-level infrastructure upgrade for our clients. Joyent provides Infrastructure as a Service and was recognized in the Gartner Magic Quadrant 2015. This service partnership will improve efficiency, speed, and availability for all CenterStone clients.  Joyent was selected because of their IaaS roadmap, their early and continual support of containers (versus traditional virtual machines) and their corporate stewardship of Node.js —  recognized for speed and scalability of network applications.

What this means to our clients

This upgrade will occur completely in the background and you do not need to take any action. With this powerful infrastructure upgrade, your company and data can be assured of improved:

  • Disaster recovery
  • Speed and scalability
  • Cloud native app capability


CenterStone is excited to unveil an improved monitoring, alert and notification system for system infrastructure. Partnering with Prometheus, CenterStone’s technical staff and client services team will have real-time access to a visual interface that will display system health information. The Prometheus system will allow greater flexibility in defining monitoring and alerts based on thresholds and rates of change. Our goals continue to be 24/7 awareness of service health, record keeping and problem resolution and the live dashboard implementation will further expedite that objective.

What this means to our clients

This upgrade will occur completely in the background and you do not need to take any action. Please look for more exciting functionality to be added as we expand this service.


A CDN, or Content Delivery Network, delivers content, images, web pages and other mixed media to people from network servers based on their geographic location. As a global application, iVendix and its modules iV Guide and iV Mobile are accessed from a vast geographic distribution. By leveraging a CDN architecture for our clients, requests to your wholesale B2B system will be sent to the nearest point of presence on the CDN, thereby delivering the fastest and best image, ordering, browsing and data accessing experience possible. And because CDN’s also purge content constantly, your most up-to-date images, inventory, and ordering data is delivered to your constituents continuously.

What this means to our clients

This upgrade will improve image, data and browsing capabilities for all clients. Images and associated data will be transferred to the CDN for each client by CenterStone and will not require you to take any action. The system will now build images to scale on the fly and distribute them globally. For more information on how you can update your image files and leverage the benefits of the CDN more fully, contact your account manager.

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