What We Make


Every day thousands of professional sales reps and buyers worldwide trust iVendix to increase their brand’s channel engagement and improve time-to-market for their locations.



Privately Branded

Create and submit orders, check real-time inventory, build linesheets, and craft digital catalogs in a direct, private, branded, environment.


Global Commerce

iVendix enables brands to sell in multiple languages and currencies to address international complexity.


Rate of Return

Our data quality management, advanced attribute capabilities, and supplier business rules flexibility, ensures highest possible ROI.

Product Comparison Matrix

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Visual Tools

Create custom collections and product recommendations while supporting promotions, and complex incentive programs.


Custom Outputs

Generate custom or automated assortments, fixtures, and digital presentations.


Faster Workflow

Use time-saving features including automated size runs, history-driven selling, and automated views.

Training, Support, and Implementation

Our clients’ sales reps, retailers and end users receive training; a dedicated account manager provides account admin and strategic development assistance to the brand.



Private Native App

CenterStone’s iPad application prioritizes your brand’s look and feel.


Offline Use

Our mobile application is accessible offline and syncs automatically when connected.


Presentation Ready

Mobile can create actionable, tailored presentations during live sales meetings based on buyer’s selections.

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