Odlo Advances their B2B Efficiency, Engagement, and Outreach with CenterStone

– Paris, France, April 18th, 2017 –


CenterStone, the leading provider of wholesale B2B e-commerce and guided merchandise sales tools for brands, today announced that Odlo, the inventor and European leader of performance sports underwear has deployed CenterStone’s flagship product iVendix and the visual merchandising platform, iVGuide to provide a new era of B2B engagement with their reps and dealers worldwide. CenterStone has enabled Odlo to easily provide product, catalog and ordering data in multiple languages and currencies.

Founded in 1946 and now a full-year premium brand, Odlo wanted to leverage the data, experience, and capabilities they had developed with their prior B2B system and recognized that CenterStone’s unique ability to manage large scale and disparate systems was exactly what they needed to ensure extensibility success. The company’s implementation of iVendix was highly customized based on its specific data and integration requirements. This included a number of internationalized business rules and processes.

“CenterStone helped us streamline and articulate our business rules to gain a greater understanding of how we wanted to interact with our Reps and Dealers,” said Antoine Sathicq, Chief Sales Officer at Odlo. “We wanted to enable our retail customers to do more than just re-orders, and we wanted our sales force to use the same platform, to sell through assortments and digital catalogs, to see at-a -glance data, and generally increase collaboration between our brand and our trusted clients.”

By choosing CenterStone, Odlo now has a trusted partner that will provide them with technology and expertise to personalize and engage more meaningfully with their clients. The CenterStone suite helps marketers deliver impactful and measurable returns on their investment. With CenterStone, Odlo has access to:


  • A co-developed launch strategy that effectively integrates data points, trains admins, and users, and access to 45,000 dealer users already familiar with the CenterStone system.
  • World-class, internationalized service and support for staff and dealers (if desired), and access to training curriculum and instructors.
  • On-going updates, upgrades and infrastructure advancements as part of a SaaS product.

About CenterStone Technologies, Inc.

CenterStone Technologies, Inc. operates a multi-tenant, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform and provides web-based wholesale e-commerce applications – for B2B and Visual Merchandising – in six languages and local currencies in Europe and North America. CenterStone products enjoy widespread adoption by specialty retailers and sales reps, who take advantage of platform’s collaboration tools. CenterStone makes vendors more competitive by driving revenue growth, providing increased inventory turns at retail, reducing customer service costs, and providing greater speed to market, thus improving relationships with their customers – retail dealers. Additional information about CenterStone Technologies, Inc., based in Denver, Co. and Paris, France, is at www.centerstonetech.com

About Odlo

Born in Norway and engineered in Switzerland, Odlo offers performance sportswear across 6 categories: functional sports underwear, running, training, cycling, Nordic disciplines and outdoor. With more than 70 years of heritage, Odlo, the inventor of performance sports underwear and the three-layer principle, continues to innovate “always making sure that it stays one step ahead” and is distributed in over 35 countries. As a full-year performance brand, Odlo also continues to show strong commitment towards social and environmental sustainability and is proud of its leader status at the Fair Wear Foundation. www.odlo.com