Order Management System and Enterprise Resource Planning Software for Wholesale B2B E-Commerce

From day one, fifteen years ago, CenterStone has set the standard for how apparel business is done. It’s the technology big brands use to get bigger. From t-shirts to technical apparel we know how to get your brand to market quickly, reliably, and simply. We have a proven interface with a huge rep and retailer user-base that helps ensure adoption.

Outputs are King.

Simply brilliant and simply done. Powerful features that allow you to grow and respond to major accounts with key style/color layouts, 4-way options, numerous colors per page and the ability to turn on or off sizes, pricing or details. Target your accounts like never before.

Collection/Assortment Selling.

With iV GUIDE, transform item by item sales, to targeted color stories and groupings of products with custom, or standard fixtures. Segment your best selling styles, advertised items, 4-ways, nested tables, and full walls of products with dynamic, powerful, visual ordering options. Transform your best practices and merchandising into Next Practices.


Limited products by channel? Differing prices by channel? Distributors? One app for worldwide use, including multiple currencies? Basic B2B? Visual focus? Advanced features? Inseams? Juniors? Petites? Mobile? The iVendix Suite is perfectly suited to answer your needs, however simple or complex your solution needs to be.

Digital Catalog.

Whether you have a 278 page color workbook or black and white line sheets, our Suite incorporates your brand messaging, product images in every color, (photography or line art), to allow your prospects to select products or shop, using your catalog artwork, collections, or search by category or attributes.

Online | Off-Line.

There are times when up-to-the-minute inventory is required, but are also there times when off-line use is preferred, or necessary. CenterStone provides poweful options to work in both environments, integrated into one platform.


CenterStone integrates with your ERP and your PLM creating a great solution for marketing, sales, IT and operations. We use world-class, tried and true practices and the latest and greatest web services to consume and serve your data in the best, and simplest way possible.