Tools for Branded Footwear Wholesale E-Commerce Software

Footwear companies and footwear are the heart and sole of CenterStone. We get it. We’ve got some old shoe dogs in our midsts. We understand the complexities of large size scales, width offerings, case packs & open stock and future availabilities. If your company is a worldwide brand or a “start-up” with four reps doing $30 million, we’re a good fit for your business. Fashion, athletic, lifestyle, etc… our software will make a real difference in the way you do business.

Mounds of Shoes.

“This one will go with that, and this, and this one too,” and you do that a couple of times and you end up with a mound of shoes at the end of every meeting. You’re working as fast as you can with black and white linesheets or a photo of the black patent trying to explain what the gray lizard will look like. Our technology will change the way you present, select, line out and order.

Every Style. Every Color.

Our technology takes your black and white line lists to the next level. We’ll show every item, in every color (including footwear). Upgrade your images, and your business becomes as dynamic as your line.

Linesheets Galore.

We give you multiple options of outputs. Key style/color layouts, slatwall options and numerous colors per page layouts. Turn on or off sizes, pricing or details. What used to take you hours to put together now takes only minutes. With iV MOBILE you can email a gorgeous custom presentation while your buyer is still packing up her bag.


So the medium width comes in whole sizes from 5-12 and the wides come in 6-11 whole. We get it. We’ll display your products in a buyer friendly matrix or grid. No one handles sizes like CenterStone. Call it a 6.5, 61/2 or 6H. Case packs? Yep, we do that too. Setup the pre-season catalog for case packs and the re-order catalog for open stock.

Live Inventory.

CenterStone integrates with your ERP, making your available to sell, as well as your future inventory, ready for your prospects. Show color codes or live numbers, actual or capped. It’s that simple.


With iV GUIDE, footwear selling transforms from selling item by item, to color stories and entire groups of products including sandal fixtures. Best selling wedges, heels, mary jane’s or running shoes, to 144 piece one-click-to-order well-merchandised, correctly sized racks. Leverage your existing artwork to create faster, better, buys.

Excel Compatibility.

Excel integration is a snap. Automatically create downloadable Excel forms with correct size scales from, one to six, ship dates or multiple stores. Select, size and upload. Automatically. No re-entering. Just upload. Speed, power, and ease of use; that’s what CenterStone is known for.