Sell the Line. Craft a Story.

People are drawn to storytelling. Narratives are the language of human experience. Why not speak to your customers with words they can understand? Brands can leverage the power of storytelling by creating lookbooks. Lookbooks gives retailers context for the products they’re viewing. Essentially, you’re telling a retailer– ‘I know what your customer is looking for, and I can show it to you.’ Lookbooks offer retailers ideas to effectively merchandise their stores so that product doesn’t move to markdown. While spec sheets, price scales, and sizing charts offer important and relevant information, they’re simply far from sexy. Text ads and products pages offer little in the way of inspiration – humans are visual creatures – we explore the world with our eyes first and foremost. While it’s easy to dismiss a lookbook as nothing more than eye candy, a lookbook is far more than a collection of pretty pictures. A lookbook is about creating a surge of creative energy and engagement through experience. With iVendix, you can easily create lookbooks with our Guided View feature. Take an assortment of products you’d like to sell, combine the products with lifestyle imagery. Boom. Context. In the same way, it feels wrong to try on a bathing suit in a dreary fluorescent-lit department store fitting room, give your retailers and their customers a reprieve from the ordinary.