Solo Hiking the Colorado Trail

There are many reasons why people are called to a journey. It could be to discover something new, something that has been lost or to constantly live a life less ordinary.  In any case, a journey is an elixir for the soul. And those that take a solo journey are accomplishing a feat that requires sacrifice and conviction

The Colorado Trail stretches over 484 miles along breathtaking summits, high mountain passes and backcountry hiking that is truly remote. And yet, it is just a short drive from our office in downtown Denver. As a closely-knit group of outdoor enthusiasts, we’ve had quite a few adventures amongst our ranks, so we are  eager to share in the excitement when one of our own undertakes a premier adventure. Especially when that person is employee number two, Elaine Mahoney.

Elaine helps take care of our end users and walks our retail buyers through the system just like she walks the trail…with confidence, humor and intelligence. While Elaine is out on her solo Colorado Trail adventure, we’ll be watching the weather, checking the news, and waiting for her updates with anticipation. The hike requires stamina, planning and preparation to meet the four to six-week hiking time frame. And we know she’s prepared for it!

She began the trip on Friday, the 13th of July from Waterton Canyon, a beautiful segment that is popular with the locals. The trail winds along the South Platte river and is shared by mountain bikes and hikers alike.  The trail is often visited by bighorn sheep and mountain goats and since it’s a fairly open canyon, it’s important to watch out for rattlesnakes.

You can find out more about the Colorado Trail at

The entire CenterStone office has become a group of weather watchers and storm trackers as we think of our colleague who is solo hiking the Colorado Trail. The past weekend some of Colorado’s plains areas were drenched with rain, while the foothills were under flash flood warnings. With these conditions in Denver, we were eager to get an update from the trail. And by Sunday evening we received the following:

“Hello 👋 Alive and well on the third day. First two days very hot and exhausting but gotter done. Cell reception very spotty so I attach my delicious first meal on Friday night- pesto rice! Yesterday had to give my emergency water to a couple who miscalculated their water. I thought the guy might have to be extracted from this giant burn area. Met 3 great English guys who ran back some more water to them. Good outcome he made it to the firehouse on his own.

Hanging out in tent during a nice shower at beginning of segment 4.”

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