The Weekend: Can’t feel my face and other tales from the Colorado Trail

Time for the weekend update from the Colorado Trail. If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that our colleague, Elaine Mahoney, employee number two at CenterStone Technologies, has been solo hiking the 480+ mile Colorado Trail. It’s been quite a desk-chair adventure for us too as we eagerly await text updates from her. Elaine has taken a sabbatical of 4-6 weeks to complete this adventure, which is one of the benefits of working for a company like CenterStone. You can read more about our CFO’s views on sabbaticals in his LinkedIn posting — Why Sabbaticals are important for employees. Before my muscles get too tired thinking about her journey…let’s see what’s happened over the weekend.

This weekend Elaine found herself up above Breckenridge on the Gold Hill. There still are fires in many mountain areas, so she’s experiencing a bit of ash in the air as well. By Sunday night she was camped above Copper at Guller Creek, ready for segment 8.  Here’s her account of the hike, flora, fauna and hang gliders.

Friday Night

Did not expect service up here. The hike up here above Breckenridge at Gold Hill had a bit of everything- some flowers some switch backs, lots of rocks, loads of beetle kill trees that were cut down to keep them from falling on hikers and bikers. There was a recent burn area(last summer) that was amazing. Green stuff coming up all ready but the ground remains black-really black. Nap 😴 time.

Sunday Night

Hello to everyone from the Colorado Trail. Today was a special but exhausting day. That  crest of the Ten Mile range was just magnificent. Got up, ate breakfast, packed up a tent with a bit of moisture and ash bits from the Basalt fire. The views of the mountains surrounding Breckenridge valley looked like the Rockies were trying to mimic the Smokies. I’ve seen dozens of pictures of the Great Smokey Mountains but it was astonishing to see something so similar here. At the top of the crest I sat to watch 3 hang gliders take off and swirl around in the warm thermals  so far above Breckenridge to the east and Copper Mtn to the west. Had to move on and get down off the ridge as there were a few clouds building. Completed my resupply of food at Copper and then headed straight up Guller creek where I am camped for the night. Wish I could send some images with the text but they do not seem to send well from up here. In segment 8 now and looking forward to the next day and the next. Ah, my water is about to boil- dehydrated potatoes and salmon from a pouch. 😋

Monday Morning

Good morning from the top of Guller creek. Searl Pass cloudless and blue to the 🌝


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