Three New Brands That Rocked SIA!

The SIA show is always a CenterStone favorite because it is local, it’s specialized, and it’s wild (remember the year that George Carpenter gave us the dl that Salt n Peppa were going to play AT the Burton booth?).

And this year the outdoor brands did not disappoint. While retail is experiencing some rather dramatic outcomes with department stores continuing to struggle (JC Penney closing 130 stores and two distribution centers), specialty and off price continue to aggressively attack that channel. So rather than some of the more somber brands we’ve seen in the fast-fashion world — the athleisure, lifestyle and footwear brands we saw at SIAMagicPlatform and Off Price were fairly optimistic.

We sent our production team out in search of emerging brands and newcomers that are filled with excitement and possibility. We’ve assembled three candidates for you to learn more about. While they aren’t clients of CenterStone (yet :)) we wish them a year filled with growth, orders and success.


Astis mittens are handcrafted from natural materials. Each line, bead, design and trim is unique and yet durable. The mittens have an allure, silhouette and aesthetic that focus your mind on an intriguing story, whether that is in the past, or yet to be written. Brad, one of the founders of Astis spent some time telling us how Astis mittens came to be…an amusing journey involving a swiss army knife, friendship, and a hungry dog. We loved the time we spent with the Astis crew and their friendly characters, and think you will too. Take a listen…

One Wheel

Blame it on Neil Blender, or blame it on the Bones Brigade, but if there’s one thing we can’t get enough of, it’s anything that involves skateboarding. And the OneWheel self-balancing, motorized skateboard did not disappoint. The lines were long at the show for this one, but eventually it was our turn. After putting on our brain bucket, we were eager to try this Kickstarter standout. The OneWheel feels a bit like a Segway in terms of movement, but it is light enough to carry up the stairs when you need to park it. Topping out at 12 miles an hour and a 6 mile battery charge, the deck is perfect for flat ground in urban areas. We saw some footage of the pros navigating off road obstacles with the OneWheel, so maybe next year! In the meantime, check out the footie here.

Sh*t that I Knit

The 2017 Magic Women’s Trend Report highlights the Comfort Zone. And in our vertical we know comfort. Basics and staple suppliers have been focused on comfort and lifestyle minded fabrics, textures, and durability since their inception. So as we “felt” our way through the comfort zone of the shows we attended, we were overjoyed with the whimsy and cheer of Sh*t That I Knitstarted by Christina Fagan, Chief Knitting Officer. Each hand-knit beanie is crafted from hand-dyed Peruvian merino wool, alpaca or cashmere. Incorporating one of our favorite trends of the year, the beanies sported a one of a kind look with real fur pom poms. We loved their feel and look of their product as well as their “corporate” sense of humor, no #*!#. Here’s what Christina had to say.

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