Trends in Digital Marketing Strategies For Brands and Retailers

In the evolving landscape for brands and retailers, digital marketing plays a key role in expanding brand awareness, connecting your business with potential buyers, creating community for current customers, acquiring immediate user feedback, cultivating loyalty and increasing sales.

In its 2018 Retailer Trends survey, Retailmenot, the international coupon website that works with 70,000 brands, identified several important marketing trends that may impact your strategy. These include a shift in greater marketing budget dedicated to social media, the use of promotions and deals as a critical component of digital marketing plans, and the use of promotional offers and loyalty programs to meet the goal of growing brand awareness. The report also noted a shifting away of focus on Baby Boomers to younger generations, with a new emphasis on mobile website performance and mobile sales tools (i.e. shopping cart functionality) to increase sales.

In its predictions for 2018, Inc. magazine reported on the rise of branded video content for delivering entertaining, informative content. Above all, they noted the growing importance of sharing content that tells a brand’s story to score an advantage in getting attention that can lead to sales. Story components that are important for 2018 include framing product benefits in terms of customer lifestyle and aligning brand messaging to a strong company ethos. In practical terms, one strategy for promoting your brand story is using brand ambassadors to promote things more organically instead of using a hard sell. Online resources like let brands find influencers that share their ethos. Further details such as choosing to do product shoots on location instead of in-studio help convey a transparency that resonates with buyers.

SEO strategies remain an important component of digital marketing and there are more tools than ever to help your brand stay on top of the latest Google algorithim updates, including Panguin from Barracuda Digital which cross-references your brand’s Google analytics with Google update activities. Along those lines, brands should audit their website speed as the longer it takes your web pages to load, the lower priority your site will be given by Google. Google Search Console, Majestic and GT Metrix are tools you can use to audit your website for performance. Eliminating broken links, missing title tags, oversized image files and 404 errors are additional low-hanging fruit to give your site better visibility.

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