What are the Benefits of Implementing a B2B Wholesale E-Commerce Platform?

When evaluating B2B vendors, brands have a multitude of choices. The data is in, and implementing a B2B e-commerce platform increases a brand’s sales efficiency, scalability, customer acquisition rate, and revenue. Picking a B2B e-commerce vendor can be daunting, and arriving at a decision is often a deliberate process that can take time.

One of the first things your brand might weigh when selecting a B2B e-commerce platform are the two models: direct and marketplace. iVendix offers brands an enterprise-level direct B2B wholesale e-commerce platform, and we aim to give brands complete control of their customer’s experience. Marketplace B2B platforms may dazzle many emerging and smaller brands with the promise of exposure and cross-shopping. However, well-known brands have a significant competitive advantage over their smaller competitors just because of name recognition.

Direct B2B e-commerce platforms give brands the ability to showcase their unique offerings in a distraction-free environment. Brands can highlight their market position, new products, current promotions, and provide retailers and their buyers with thorough information and specs on available products. Direct e-commerce platforms, like iVendix, offers retailers and buyers a smooth and controlled experience when looking for products, ordering, and managing reorders and fill-ins.

Because your brand won’t be shopped alongside your competitors, you are free from the pressure of making pricing and positioning decisions on the sole basis of your competitor’s products. You can price your goods efficiently and outperform in customer service and satisfaction.

Implementing a direct B2B e-commerce platform can strengthen existing customer relationships – retailers and buyers who access your B2B platform are customers who are well-acquainted with your brand and know your product line. These customers are primed to become evangelists for your brand. They tend to make orders that average larger in size and volume.

With iVendix, brands can personalize their B2B e-commerce portals and tailor pricing, promotions, and the available products for specific users. This level of customization powerfully enables brands to offer a consistent experience for end users.

Most importantly, direct models, such as iVendix, give brands control over their retailer users’ experience. Brands can white-label their B2B portal with their logo and branding.  Brand’s can highlight promotions, sell collections, and showcase marketing materials. With iVendix’s data management, attribute capabilities, and business rules customization, we can ensure the highest possible return on investment for your brand.  

Of course, there is a list of pros and cons to both the marketplace and direct B2B e-commerce model; however, for enterprise-level brands, the direct model offers more refined control over the customer’s experience.

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