What is a Line Sheet?

Line sheets gives retailers context for the products they’re viewing. Line sheets include everything buyers needs to know: pricing, colorways, material, specs, etc. But what makes a line sheet a selling tool, is its ability to convey a story and a personal recommendation.

People are drawn to storytelling. Narratives are the language of human experience. Using a carefully crafted line sheet lets reps and brand managers speak to your retail buyers in a medium that they can understand.

What is a Line Sheet?

Line sheets are a visual representation of all the products in a line or a carefully edited assortment or products in a line. Buyers know the importance of proper assortment planning, and line sheets help visualize a guideline for proper planning.  Essentially, you’re telling a retailer– ‘I know what your customer is looking for, and I can show it to you.’ For category planning purposes, line sheets can be created by customer, price point, and past performance.

One of the unique features of iVendix B2B wholesale ecommerce is the ability to create shopable line sheets. So not only is the shared line sheet visual, electronic and edited, but with a click of a button the entire line can be ordered. With iVendix, reps can use Guided or Automated line sheets to build as you like layouts, or templated layouts. 

What does a Line Sheet contain?

Your logo: Make it sizzle!

Contact details: address, phone, website, email

Season: is this line sheet applicable for Cruise 2018?  Is it for Fall 2019? Create line sheets with merchandising goals in mind or to meet an inventory need like a closeout or immediates.

Wholesale terms: included in iVendix are super sophisticated business rules that are applied to accounts with payment and shipping terms and methods, minimums, return policy, etc.

How to create a Line Sheet with iVendix?

  1. Create a shopable line sheet in seconds.
  2. Guided and Automated line sheet templates — let you build in a snap!
  3. Add brand assets, lifestyle messaging, and info buyers need to know.
  4. Send line sheet as an actionable order or as a pdf for new client outreach!

In the same way, it feels wrong to try on a bathing suit in a dreary fluorescent-lit department store fitting room, give your retailers and their customers a reprieve from the ordinary.

With iVendix, you can easily create shopable line sheets with our Guided View feature. Simply take an assortment of products you’d like to sell, combine the products with lifestyle imagery. Boom. Context. Don’t take our word for it, let Crystal Gulvas, Senior Key Account Executive at LT Apparel explain.

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