Best B2B E-Commerce for Footwear: V-size Matters

A fit is often a matter of personal preference. Your retailers have a variety of preferences that determine the size and cut of the products they buy, and those that they recommend to their customers. Does your brand provide your retailers with enough information?

Many B2B Wholesale Ecommerce systems are designed exclusively for apparel. Apparel traditionally has two size considerations: waist/bust and length. So how you size footwear widths? How do you size a bra cup? How do you size hardgoods with a third dimension? And how does the system make that sizing simple, and intuitive for the user? Brands who want to sell footwear, hardgoods or intimates don’t have the ability to intuitively input and display a third dimension such as half-sizes or cup sizes in most wholesale B2B’s. It’s usually added to the product information or notes.  iVendix gives brands the ability to quantify that v-size and define a full-size scale. And it gives their retailers an intuitive interface to search for and order that way too.

We understand how frustrating it can be to use software designed for someone else, sort of like wearing shoes that are a little too tight. If you’re interested to see how v-sizing is a game changer; contact us for a demo. We’d be happy to show you how iVendix is tailored to work for footwear, accessories and apparel brands and their retailers.

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