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Wholesale Branded Footwear and Apparel E-Commerce Business Solutions

Power Your Business with iVendix.

CenterStone Technologies’ wholesale e-commerce B2B software: iVendix and the iV Suite take the complexity out of your workflow. Do everything you need to easily, efficiently, and under budget.


It used to be that Sales ran companies. We believe they still do. Sure, the use of our software has a great cost savings ROI in customer service and printed catalogs/dealer workbooks, but the tremendous opportunity with CenterStone’s, tried-and-true software, is we deliver top line sales growth. We deliver a rep AND retailer portal that is simple to use, simple to setup and ready to roll in an average of 90 days.



Start with the basics. Being open for business means more orders and higher customer service levels. Did you know that more than 30% of transactions on B2B happen when your customer service is closed?

Collection & Fixtures.

Move beyond item by item selling, to present and sell by collections, assortment, color stories and fixtures. You like what’s merchandised on that wall or a 4-way? Buy it ALL with one click. And perfectly sized as well.

The End of Printed Catalogs.

We know that printed materials will change first, because that’s where you can save tons of money. Plus, it’s the right thing to do for the environment. Going digital will allow you to put more, and better information where people are doing their work – electronic mediums. It just makes cents.

Real & Bigger Orders.

These aren’t just a wish list of products, waiting to be confirmed, they are real orders based upon real inventory. Bigger too? It’s true. Orders coming through CenterStone are bigger, usually about 20% higher in Average Order Size.

Fluid & Consistent Information.

Share your story consistently with your buyers, in all markets, instantaneously. Need to create a promotion on the fly? How about change a price or add/remove a color? All can be managed simply on our platforms. Online and mobile too.

Faster Orders.

Orders through CenterStone are processed with your business rules in mind. Take the complexity and manual processes out of your business with CenterStone. They go in. They go through.

Wholesales B2B Sales Tools for Branded Apparel and Footwear


You have a really tough job when it comes to B2B! You have to transition your B2C brain to B2B timelines, image availabilities, and limited time and resources. And yet, you want to make an impact, you want to tell your brand story, and communicate directly with buyers that are not just buying one or two items, but those retail buyers that are purchasing thousands, or even millions of dollars, right now! And then there are your reps…with some of them saying one thing about your core tech ingredient and some are saying something completely different. If you could just standardize the message, or resources, that would be a big help, or start.

Tell Your Story.

Tell Your Story – Your brand has heritage and values and you want to tell the world about it. You want people to know about your sponsored athletes, your materials innovations and your new products – CenterStone does all of that, and it writes an order!

Individually Branded Portals.

We are not a marketplace and we don’t think you want to have your buyers shopping your brand next to others. We provide unique, branded portals, with a common shopping cart navigation, that allows buyers to get business done.

Fully Integrated.

We’ve heard the stories… you’ve tried cool tools but they don’t integrate into your backend system. Reps won’t work with systems where they have to re-enter anything. Everything we do is fully integrated. It works. It has to, because that’s the level of performance you expect from CenterStone.


Using CenterStone allows for your marketing message to live and breath and grow inside of a proven platform that reps and buyers – many of whom are your customers – already know how to use. Usage leads to success. Familiarity is a pillar of usage.

Branded Footwear, Apparel, and Specialty Sportswear Marketing for Wholesale B2B E-Commerce


So Sales comes to you with their latest idea and marketing is chasing another, and the only word that comes to mind is “Squirrel.” Both are chasing the latest thing and you can only hope that it will wear off before you’ll have to spend hours analyzing the latest fad knowing that it’s not actionable or feasible to get the data needed to implement the idea. You want to select options that you know will work.

Track Record.

CenterStone has a proven track record, with more than 15 years experience, working with large and small brands to give you the confidence that you’re partnering with a company that knows its business.

Third Party.

You may have tried to build B2B. It’s not that easy, is it? With CenterStone, the day you start implementing, you are close to rolling out B2B. We are experts in the B2B experience, everything from the technology, to marketing, to training and supporting your users. We provide the complete B2B experience. There’s a set budget too, with no surprises.


Integrity – You don’t become a leader by bending the truth. Our client list shows actual, paying customers, not clients we used to work with, or extended a “free-trial” to. We have more than 40,000 regular, active users on our platform. We experience millions of logins per year, process hundreds of thousands or orders and we can tell you exactly the number of wholesale dollars we processed in a given time frame. Metrics mean something – make sure you ask.


Training and supporting your sales reps and retail customers is included with CenterStone. If other companies tell you that you don’t need user support, it’s because they don’t offer it or their solution isn’t powerful enough to handle your complex business needs. Supporting users is a critically important part of successful B2B – and with CenterStone, it’s taken care of.


So much of the financial benefit of B2B comes from integration. Whether we integrate using basic Excel files, flat files sent via ftp, EDI or web-services using our APIs, we’ll work with your team to find the cheapest and easiest way to integrate. And, we’ve worked with all of the major ERP’s available to apparel and footwear companies today.

World Wide.

Saying you can access a platform from anywhere in the world doesn’t cut it. What about languages and currencies? We have fully staffed offices in North America and Europe and offer our software, training and support in 6 languages and 20+ currencies.

Professional SaaS for Branded Apparel, Footwear, and Specialty Sportswear Retailers and Reps: Wholesale B2B E-Commerce


You just need it to work! NOW! And work the way your reps and retailers do. You’re tired of taking phone calls for systems or software issues, for basic features of your IT department’s latest creation. The only thing your reps and IT probably have in common is a bad coffee or Red Bull habit. But here you are serving both sides trying to make it all make sense. You’ve got at-once business that has to be done now and your next season will be upon you before you know it.



More than 30% of our logins and orders come in after your customer service is closed. That a huge number. Your customer service team won’t have to spend time calling people back with order validation issues and with orders coming in electronically, your team will be free to do other valuable services for their customers.

Promotions Manager.

Does your sales team want you to orchestrate a quick promotion. Oh yeah, and it has to be done today, but only with a few products and select retailers, right? Our promotions manager allows you to create these special programs on-the-fly and tailor them specifically to the needs of your sales team.


This is a huge operational win. Just set CenterStone up once as a trading partner and all of your specialty/independent stores will look like EDI orders to your system. Powerful and simple to use, this EDI integration can become the vehicle for your ordering and shipping information super highway.

Non-B2B Orders.

We realize that not every order is going to come through the CenterStone B2B, but for those that don’t, we can create a way for your reps and retailers to have 24/7 access to information including SKU numbers, shipping information and order history.

Streamlined Wholesale B2B and B2C E-Commerce with Our Curated Operations Manager