Why B2B Ecommerce in Apparel and Footwear is Growing with iVendix

B2B ecommerce in apparel and footwear, especially athletic wear is growing, and most market watchers expect that the global athletic market will see widescale growth over the next five years. Why? Not only is public interest in health, fitness, and participation in sports and athletics driving this growth, but on the wholesale side, B2B ecommerce platforms are beginning to recognize the special needs of athletic wear sales tools. At iVendix, we’ve understood those requirements for years.

Is your brand prepared to capitalize on this forecasted growth trend?

Let’s examine the benefits that iVendix B2B wholesale ecommerce provides for athletic wear.


Many B2B Wholesale systems are designed exclusively for apparel. That means that footwear brands have to fit widths, half sizes and length in user interfaces that were not created for that purpose.  iVendix works with both apparel and footwear because it gives brands the ability to quantify widths, and define a full-size scale. V-sizing was designed for intimates and footwear.  And it gives their retailers the ability to order that way too.


Europe is projected to be the epicenter of this trend, and will likely dominate the global market. Europe currently reflects a projected higher revenue share.2Getting in European markets should be a priority for your brand.  iVendix b2b wholesale ecommerce is primed to capitalize on Europe’s higher market attractiveness with availability in 127 countries, multiple currencies, and six available languages.

Brand Segmentation:

Hiking shoes and running shoes are anticipated to be the most dominant segments, both showing a high market share.3 CenterStone has a strong history with running and athletic footwear, our presence in this market ensures that your brand will see immediate and smooth user adoption.

Specialty Retailers:

Specialty stores accounted for nearly 55% of the market shares during 2014  – the specialty store segment dominates the market – providing a higher market share and highest market growth rate, 5%, in the next five years.3 We’ve talked about them before; they offer in-house services like friendly, experienced custom fittings with multiple brands under one roof. Their “one-stop-shop” approach is the driving factor for the popularity of this distribution channel.iVendix works with tens of thousands of specialty stores in the US and Europe.


iVendix b2b wholesale ecommerce platform enables brands to engage in directed sales planning, digital merchandising, and visual sales presentations. These strategies allow CenterStone customers to boost revenue through strategic sales. Manufacturers continue to focus on developing new innovative products to gain a competitive edge in the global footwear market.2 With iVendix, product rollout is even faster.

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