There’s a charming Instagram feed called You Did Not Sleep There.  The feed highlights the brilliant visual talents and repressed bucket list goals of those of us that would love to have an adventure photo that rivals our intrepid idols, but are better at photoshop than camping. While mostly done in humor, there’s a more serious side to this Instagram feed, in our longing for an amazing adventure: one that is both epic and unbelievable. Well Homer if that’s you, come with me as we catch up on the Colorado Trail journey that Elaine Mahoney, CenterStone Technologies employee number two, has been undertaking; and you can decide for yourself if #ElaineDidNotSleepThere!

When we last left our “everyman,’ Elaine was headed for Camp Hale.  The 10th Mountain Division had its roots in Camp Hale and its graduates went on to define and help create the history of Skiing and mountaineering in the US and Colorado. These brave men and women, went on to preform unbelievable acts of bravery in the face of extremely difficult conditions.  The YouTube  below  examines the beginnings of this group.   On her approach to Camp Hale, Elaine was sure to visit the 10th Mountain Division Memorial. She and her husband, Jerry, have both been heavily involved in skiing and snow sports and knew many of these brave individuals well. As she continues on through Tennessee Pass, Porcupine Lake and the Timberline Lake trailhead, she has her first off trail event. Let’s see where she is now…


GPS to the Rescue

“Hello 👋.  My first big mistake today. Managed to drop too low at a lake surrounded by gigantic boulders and got off the trail. But GPS to the rescue I found it again and made it to the Timberline TH (trailhead). Also got a forced trial in ‘cold soaking’ dehydrated food. Which is done to eliminate need for a stove thus save weight. In other words I ran out of fuel because I failed to grab my canister at Copper Mtn. Making the best of it. Friday I’ll be at twin lakes for another Smarter resupply. Good night from large rock outcropping above my camp drying out from a hard but short lived rain.”

Cold Soaking your Food

“What a day again I say. Just made it to the Mt Massive TH and sitting next to a most lovely stream. It’s a larger trail head so hoped it would have cell service YEAH!  13.1 miles today and the climb out of Timberline TH was hard and I struggled but I knew today would finish downhill so it’s all good now. Cold soaking my oatmeal was fine and tasted just like oatmeal cookie dough!! Really it was so delicious. My dinner tonight is Stovetop stuffing and it is soaking right now. Took a wee bite and it seems great. Gonna eat it soon – it’s only 3p. The whole trek today was in the forest dark and deep. Not a vista to be had. And I like my vistas!

This view now makes up for none earlier.

I’ll get up early again tomorrow so I can try to be in Twin Lakes to-meet Jerry and enjoy a needed rest aanndd a shower. I really need one. Thank you again Merritt’s for making the reservation. Must eat now. Good night 💤😘”


Just when you thought we wouldn’t get to the humorous aspects of this adventure, we offer a glimpse at the charming accommodations that await travelers along the Colorado Trail.


“Made it toTwin Lakes about an hour ago. Most beautiful hike this am through an aspen grove including a beaver pond – fantastic. Here for the remainder of today and tonight at the Roadhouse. Need this near zero day. Staying in  the ‘crib’ tonight. What’s the crib you say? Here in historic Twin Lakes it was a mini whore house. Super tiny but all amenities. Cozy I’d say.”


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